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2D/ 3D Animator. Major lover of cats and owls. Capricorn. Panromantic + Demisexual. Feminist. Openly honest. Writer, artist, gamer and musician. VERY anxiety-prone. Psychology lover.

This blog is LGBT-friendly.

“I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed.”
Elena Gilbert (via wryer)


We are launching a new lit zine focusing on awesome stories of all genres featuring queer protagonists. For example, a story about a lesbian pirate who is seduced by a siren, or an asexual detective solving muder mysteries, or a trans scientist building sentient robots, or an agendered person travelling the world. The zine will include stories, poems, comics, and art all revolving around a positive portrayal of queerness, with an emphasis on entertainment and creativity.

But for now – WE NEED A NAME!

We’re asking you to suggest up to five names for this zine. Names should reflect our mission without using any specific queer words in the name.

The person who’s name we choose will win four books that fit our mission of awesome stories featuring queer protagonists:

And then five random people who entered will get a participation prize including kindle ebook codes for queer lit and coupons to purchase ebooks from indie authors like Sarah Diemer

Due to shipping costs, the book prize is only available to someone from the US. If an international entry wins, then they will receive an extra-special participation prize full of ebooks and goodies.

To enter:

Contest will last until August 9th. We hope you’ll all enter!!

“Likewise, “Orphan Black,” though obviously female-centric, does not make bank on the “revelation” that women can be good and bad, timid and violent, strong and susceptible Just Like Men. Instead, it plays with the nature of family with the same dexterity it brings to the definition of identity. What is a mother, a child, a sister, a friend, and what is expected of and owed to each?”


I have begun to decorate my room, namely the window at my desk and my bookshelves, with all my favourite quotes about books and writing, reminders and encouragement for the difficult times. I’m still at the very beginning, but I already like how it’s starting to look.